Our JOBSEEKER WELLNESS SURVEY is designed to assist job seekers.

It is a simple tool that helps you identify YOUR needs, wants, hopes and expectations, and better assist in you finding rewarding long-term employment, aligned to your interests and preferences.

The survey results provide vocational preferences over a range of jobs, occupations and career choices that offer prospects for success when making up one’s mind about life choices that reflect preference and priority job preferences, study opportunities and priority career reflections.

The PPP is a living and breathing program and we continuously test new applications, some which have included:

  • Discovery of Learning Preferences of Students to better align and deliver learning material
  • Matching of Job Seeker Preferences to the needs of employers to maximise job satisfaction, cultural fit and minimise cost of hire.
  • Measure the level of individual engagement across a range of situations and activities
  • Assess suitability for personnel/ advisor appointments across various situations
  • Team formation and team building
  • Market, Company, Charity assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Self-learning and discovery


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