The PPP and JobSeekers

The Colourful Jobseeker PPP survey is designed to identify your dominant colour from the 16 coloured tiles and therefore identify the potential career paths available that best fit your preferences. There are, in effect 16 career opportunity pathways for you to consider based on your personal preferences profile.

By looking at the largest colour output from your survey, that colour will suggest a range of jobs, occupations and career choices that offer prospects for success when making up your mind about your life choices that reflect the preferences and priority job preferences, study opportunities and priority career selections.

Your pathway to employment begins with your PPP results, but it does not end there.

You may even question, “Why is Life. Be in it. concerned about employment and jobseekers?”

Jobs that are key to dignity and self-esteem that address social inclusion, chronic disease and poverty, and that is why we have to deliver more!

Well the answer lies in a well known theory by Abraham Maslow, known as the “Hierarchy of Needs” and you can read more about that in our articles page. However, the short explanation is, you cannot be healthy and active, if you are unable to meet you basic needs, i.e. food, shelter, wellbeing etc. And so, although Life. Be in it. has been known for activities and fitness, in those forty years of the Life. Be in it. activities, behind the scenes we have worked on helping people find employment!

The PPP ( see chart below) is instrumental in conducting employability assessments and identifying job skills relationships to then enhance strengths and address any gaps to increase employability and meet the needs of employers in a number of sectors.

Our INTEGRATED approach targets the prevention of chronic diseases ( by increasing awareness and action in individuals), providing access to Life and Job Skills, which then lead to better education and training, employment and recreation choices.


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