Dominant colour is:  TURQOISE

An association with professional managerial and public sector competencies that require a degree or diploma for a service industry role and positions that are seen as contributing to social goals and objectives.

Second colour is:  ORANGE

Are most effective when there are a lot of changes and transitions in their life and new commitments and experiences are emerging. Considered to be outgoing, fun loving, enthusiastic, imaginative, and looking for challenges.

Third colour is:  GREEN

Are considered to be generous, considerate, conscientious, co-operative and helpful to other people. Outgoing in the company of peers but avoids intellectual or theological concerns that are distant or impractical. Makes the most of opportunities. Are loyal and take care to follow through on promises – even in small matters.

Fourth colour is:  RRED

Capable and devoted to doing something better for their immediate family and so can be extravagant and energetic in defence of home and community interests.